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15 August, 2017

Content Management Platform for Shopping Centers and Malls Personnel

Mission Critical's content management platform (MCTV) allows restaurants, retail stores, malls and automotive repair shops to manage the content within their waiting areas to improve sales and customer engagement. Adopters of Mission Critical's content management platform can also monetize their TVs with ads from vendors and local businesses.

Mission Critical can either utilize content you provide or we can use content from outside providers. MCTV works with various agencies and organizations to currate or produce relevant content for your viewers.

Every Minute of Airtime on your TVs should be making money for you.

Mission Critical sourced content will be screened and approved my our producers prior to broadcast.

Secure Distribution The MCTV platform provides secure delivery of content through encrypted account management.

Mission Critical distributes content each evening directly to the Wifi enabled TV dongle. Each dongle allows MCTV to: .

  • Manage Content on each TV screen
  • Create Groups or Network of TVs
  • Customize TV Branding across a client's network of TVs.
  • Training & Techincal Support

    MCTV can also provides hassle free training and technical support services.

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