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15 August, 2015

Current and Relevant Programming for Critical Personnel

Mission Critical is engaging, educational content for our men and women in uniform, developed and produced from our most experienced military and government leaders. Mission Critical's educational interview series talks with the officials responsible for making decisions related to national security and public safety. Each 60-minute program examines issues affecting the deployment of new technology, new policies, new tactics and techniques related to securing our nation. Case studies will be filmed on location to demonstrate real-world evidence-based approach to recommended solutions.

Mission Critical TV works with various agencies and organizations to develop current and relevant content with a structured lesson plan and learning objectives for our viewers. Most of the content delivered by Mission Critical TV is accredited and helps to support the annual continual educational credits required by our viewership.

Each program delivers critical information affecting national security and natural disaster preparedness topics.

Some of Mission Critical's content is non-accredited but delivers the same important information for all of our Federal, State and Municiple viewers such as PTSD awareness and suicide prevention.

Secure Distribution MCTV has a standing relationship with the U.S. Government training network

Mission Critical distributes educational content through a secure satellite feed to a DOD satellite reaching senior military and government personnel inside U.S. secured facilities around the world. .

  • 550 Military Bases world wide
  • 730 Federal Facilities
  • Reaching 2 Million men and women in uniform regardless of rank, location or branch.
  • Training Topics

    MCTV can also be configured to deliver custom training content into your facility through the use of a MCTV WiFi dongle similar to the MCTV patient education channel. Mission Critical developes and delivers educational best practices programming related to national defense, public safety, strategy, new technology, the environment, sustainability, criminal justice, sensitivity training... and other topics that impact Mililtary, Federal, and State agencies. Please contact Mission Critical TV if your agency needs to improve the access and delivery of training and education.

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